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Property Preservation Services

Keep unwanted guests off of your property with property preservation services from Landau. We'll board up your property to protect it from damage and unauthorized guests including: vandals, squatters and looters. When uninvited guests or former occupants get into your property, it can be bothersome. This can cause property damage or potential legal proceedings could follow. This could also affect the sale of your property.

Landau will help keep your property preserved with the following services:

Cash for Keys (CFK)

If you are considering a deed in lieu of foreclosure, your bank may have a Cash for Keys program.


Our goal at Landau is to help our clients develop a clear understanding of the costs and risks associated with their projects so they can better plan for success. We clearly identify project costs and potential pitfalls in order to help our clients develop a more comprehensive understanding of their projects. Precision takes an approach known as Construction Cost Management (“CCM”) to create functional cost estimates and to proactively monitor and control construction budgets from conceptual design through completion of construction.

Lawn Maintenance

The initial or reoccurring yard maintenance will be performed including grass cut, edging, removal of clippings, weed removal, snow removal, incidental debris removal, shrubbery or trees trimmed, and flower beds weeded / replanted as needed.


Debris Removal/ Interior and Exterior

All exterior debris including health hazards and vehicles will be removed and discarded at a licensed facility. Any interior debris will be removed in accordance with Investor/Insurer guidelines, with the exception of personal property, which will remain until the eviction process or otherwise instructed by the client.


REO Services

Landau offers a complete, end-to-end solution for the management and disposition of residential Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. 

Our Residential REO services include complete property management including property preservation, utility administration as well as coordination of necessary and required repairs, rehabilitation and general maintenance. Landau will provide a complete marketing plan for each asset. 

Lock Change

The general advice is that whenever you acquire a new property you should change the locks. This is not an indictment of the previous tenants; it is just that you do not know who might still have a key to the property. Keys change hands frequently and it is very easy for them to end up with the wrong person.

In this same vein, it is also a good idea to replace your locks every so often even if you have not moved. This will provide you with additional security and ensure that you have more control over who enters yours home.

Sales Clean

Whether you are a property owner or a Realtor, we know you’re busy taking care of your business. You do not have the time to worry about cleaning your properties or managing those who do. Let us do what we do best, while you concentrate on what you do best.

We offer Move-In and Move-Out cleanings for property owners, and cleaning services for properties currently on the market for sale: Open Houses, Showings, and Closing Day Cleanings. In this competitive environment, value-added services help you stand apart.

Mold Remediation

At Landau we Utilize licensed mold removal and remediation specialists, the situation will be analyzed, along with treating any existing mold, addressing the source of the issue, and rebuilding / treating to prevent future mold growth.


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