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Landau Real Estate Services LLC started in January 2013.


Owner Kenny Gray spent twenty years in the construction industry working his way from journeyman to crew chief. After being exposed to the Real Estate Services business Kenny became dissatisfied with the quality of work being presented as “market ready” and felt that an opportunity existed to do something different.. “I knew that I could do better and that it should be done better”. With that concept in mind, Landau Real Estate Services LLC was born. Landau Real Estate Services LLC. has enjoyed consistent growth, garnering a reputation for efficient, reliable service with immediate issue resolution. We are the “boots on the ground” for a few larger preservation companies and real estate agents and we believe in continuously growing our capabilities as a company.  We are MBE Certified, fully licensed and bonded, and offer General Contractor services as well.

Our services range from debris removal & janitorial services, property rehab services, property repair services, as well as general property maintenance services. 

Home Preservation programs are designed as flexible packages which can include lock services, lawn services and much more to match your needs. We understand that unoccupied properties require preservation in order to sell quickly. Landau was founded with a focus on consistently providing quality home services to ensure that your property always looks great to prospective buyers.


We have an extensive network of professional contractors, from roofers and carpenters to plumbers and electricians, that we utilize for major repairs. All contractors are licensed and bonded in their respective fields. Landau is looking forward to years of success supporting your businesses and maintaining your properties.

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